4:28pm September 2, 2014
3:18am September 2, 2014




can there please be some kind of online exchange where trans boys can give their old clothes to trans girls and vice versa? does that exist? if not am i allowed to start one because holy wow that would be the bomb diggety

can this happen


and cis people can also donate clothes, because that gives people a bigger pool to get clothes from and it’s one of the ways that we can be active allies for our trans siblings

2:50am September 2, 2014





Action is required! RadioTimes is doing a Companion Champion Poll and in the first round almost all ClassIc Who companions were knocked out. The biggest atrocity was Ian Chesterton losing to Strax the Sontaran! We can’t allow this to happen! 

Right now River Song is KILLING Jamie McCrimmon! We all know he’s way better than her! So go vote here!


It did mean that now Strax and Rose are going head to head so guess who I voted for in that one

Putting the Brigadier up against Romana II though. That’s just cruel. How can I ever choose?

2:21am September 2, 2014


spoilers for next week’s ‘doctor who’ episode

1:53am September 2, 2014

Colin Baker is the first Doctor to meet his puppet! And he tried to steal it.


Colin Baker is the first Doctor to meet his puppet! And he tried to steal it.

1:25am September 2, 2014


You know what I think would be cool to see? A disabled Doctor.

A Doctor that’s in a wheelchair and pulls his companions onto his lap and rolls them away from the monsters, using the sonic to make it go faster and he installs a jet pack on it, because why the hell wouldn’t he.

A deaf Doctor who forces the TARDIS to adapt and show him what’s wrong, and have physical signs on any malfunctions she’s having, because he can’t hear her like he used to be able to, and it’s frustrating, and she gets mad at him, but eventually they work it all out and their relationship is stronger than ever. 

A Doctor that’s blind, but can hear EVERYTHING around him, and sense obstacles in his path to dodge them with ease. Or maybe he doesn’t actually dodge them with ease, but he tries, and trips a lot and his companions have to pull him out of the way of walls and telephone poles all the time, but nevertheless it doesn’t stop him from being amazing

I just… a doctor that’s not perfect and he has ailments that would stop many people from doing what he does, but it doesn’t, and he saves the universe and kicks ass and makes us all proud,  because he’s still our wonderful, spectacular Doctor. 

12:56am September 2, 2014


i have an intense urge for time war meta

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12:29am September 2, 2014

Big sexy women


Big sexy women

11:40pm September 1, 2014

So, I’ve been thinking about possible explanations as to why Twelve shares a face in-universe with Caecilius and Torchwood’s John Frobisher. And I think I’ve got an idea. 

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4:42am September 1, 2014


why aren’t we talking about how the words “i just wish you hadn’t been a soldier” mean that the time war changed the doctor

because as has been very clearly proven the doctor used to have no such problems with soldiers, but now, even though he saved gallifrey from being destroyed, the things he experienced in the war were so terrible that he can’t bear to be around soldiers

just think about that